Unvoiced Diaries

„Unvoiced Diaries“ is an isolation inspired project created by violinist Önder Baloglu and supported by Gedik Sanat Istanbul containing a minute long music for solo violin by 24 Turkish composers living all around the world, designed for the compact contents of social media platforms.

The justified isolations due to the COVID-19 has affected us more than we can think. As people stayed home longer, the usage of social media has increased more than ever. Concert halls are SILENT, musicians are lost and they try to share their music on social media, mostly with poor recording qualities and with music composed actually for halls, churches, salons but for these little screens. Moreover people can no longer focus lengthy content and they favour more compact ones. Social media platforms take advantage of this behaviour. Instagram, as one of the most important platforms, developed 1 minute long video concept. Seeing all these during the isolation, especially in Turkey where social media is the most important mass communication instrument, I commissioned together with Gedik Art in Istanbul 24 Turkish composers from all around the world to compose music for solo violin with a duration of max. 1 minute inspired by the SILENCE on the stages and designed to be performed mainly on social media platforms as an isolation diary.

Violin & Concept: Önder Baloglu 

Sound & Video: Cem Önertürk

Recorded in Arter Istanbul 

Powered by Gedik Sanat